New Health Option for Realtors

Busy Professionals in the Real Estate Industry will love this exclusive, comprehensive health option!

You can use this plan in ALL 50 States… Unlike an ACA Plan

No Dollar Limit on Claims. Immediate Benefits on Day One!

Options for both Under & Over 65

Supplemental plans like Dental, Accidental Injury, Gap & Cancer plans

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The IHA Health Plan

The IHA Health Plan is a unique offering available to the Real Estate (and affiliated) industry that combines the depth and comprehensiveness of an “Affordable Care Act/ACA” health plan BUT with an amazing 50 state Network of Providers. NO ACA plan offers that! 

This plan is best suited for those who are High Income, Self Employed, Healthy, and over 45 who want a "50 State Option."

Additional Health Options

ACA Health Plans

Supplemental Health Plans

Over 65 / Medicare

Get an “Affordable Care Act” quote to see if you qualify for a “Subsidy” which could dramatically lower your costs!

For Dental, Vision, GAP, Cancer, Accidental Injury and more, check out our Manhattan Assurance plan options.

Click on the Medicare Center to check out our plans for Medicare Beneficiaries.


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